Quickly and accurately place students in the most appropriate standard OR remedial pathways.

Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)® helps place students in courses that match their skill levels.  It provides information that can be used to create individual study plans to remediate deficiencies. Progress testing and post testing demonstrates educational gains students have made in the program.

  • With detailed, yet easy-to-understand diagnostics from this assessment for learning provides your students will be 
    more engaged
  • With accurate and precise results your students will master basic skills faster

GAIN measures all levels of students on one form. The easy-to-use graphical report allows administrators to report scores in grade-level equivalents or Educational Functioning Levels.  


GAIN is comprised of:

  • 45-minute literacy skills test and a 45-minute math skills test – shorter testing time is better for students
  • Can be administered separately or together
  • Suitable for both youth and adult learners
  • Measure National Reporting System EFLs
  • Single form administration - no locator required
  • Simple administration – no out of range results and decreased 
    test administrations
  • Flexible administration – paper-and-pencil or online

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