Wonderlic Test Scores & the NFL Scouting Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine incorporates a wide variety of tools to evaluate the physical and mental acuity of potential NFL players, including on-field skills, speed, strength, quickness, reliability, personality, and cognitive ability. The NFL Combine has used the Wonderlic test to assess cognitive ability as part of its athlete evaluations since the 1970s.     


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Wonderlic staff are present every year at the NFL Combine to administer and proctor the tests, and completed answer sheets are hand-carried back to our offices in Vernon Hills, IL.
“The Wonderlic test is one of several evaluations that we use to get a complete picture of the athletes. All of the methods the NFL Scouting Combine uses are valuable tools, each providing a unique set of information about each player. The more insight teams have before the draft, the better decisions they can make. Wonderlic has been a valued partner of the Combine and the NFL for decades and we fully intend to continue that partnership into the foreseeable future.”
- Jeffrey Foster, NFL Scouting Combine
 All tests are machine scored, and results are kept in our secure, encrypted system and are not shared with anyone but our client – the NFL. This means all of the Wonderlic test results reported on the news are from unofficial sources. The test is aligned with the US Department of Labor’s O*NET database, which includes job competencies for hundreds of positions (including professional athletes). Critical thinking, comprehension, learning ability, and decision making are a few of the valuable skills and abilities measured by the Wonderlic test.

We value our longstanding relationship with the NFL and appreciate the interest of the fans – skeptics and believers alike.

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